Machine Specs

Mahler Industries utilizes Mazak CNC machines to realize its’ customers requirements. Mazak equipment has proven extremely strong, reliable and accurate, thus allowing Mahler to help ensure consistent quality and punctual delivery. Mahler Industries also utilizes Mitutoyo quality control equipment. The centerpiece of Mahler’s QC equipment is it’s Mitutoyo CNC coordinate measuring machine. Below is a descriptive list of our CNC Machinery.

7 Axis live tooling CNC with full subspindle

1 Integrex i-300

1 Integrex 300-3s

Horizontal CNC Machining Centers

1 Mazak PFH-5800 Horizontal Machining Center

1 Mazak FH-5800 Horizontal Machining Center

CNC VERTICAL Machining Centers

1 Mazak VC500A-5X Mazatrol Smoothx Control

1 Mazak VCU500A 2pc Vertical Machinig Center

1 Haas VF 9/50 Vertical Machining Center

1 Mazak VTC300 Vertical Machining Center

1 Mazak Nexus 510 Vertical Machining Center

1 Mazak VQC 15/40 Vertical Machining Center

1 Haas VF2SS Machining Center

CNC Turning Centers

1 Mazak QT350MY

1 Mazak QT400M (With live tooling)

1 Mazak QT Smart 200M

1 Mazak QT10 Turning Center

1 Mazak QT25L Turning Center

1 Mazak QT300 Turning center

2 Mazak QT8 Turning Centers

Manual machine shop with: (Used for prototype work and some 2nd operation production work)