About Us


Mahler Industries was established in 1983 and has grown from a manual machine shop, into a dynamic CNC machining facility. From its inception, Mahler Industries has been dedicated to machining quality products. We are passionate in our commitment to the goals of producing quality components, providing excellent service as well as to our pursuit of continual improvement.

Quality Policy Statement

It is Mahler Industries goal to be a leader in the machining industry, by offering our customer’s precision products, excellent service as well as punctual delivery. Mahler plans to realize these objectives via the latest in machining technology, highly skilled employees, adherence to proven procedures and an organizational culture that fosters continuous improvement.


Mahler Industries has taken great care in creating a production process which ensures both quality & timely delivery of products. This process commences from the receipt & processing of an order, to the onset of manufacturing, on through to its’ final completion. Each step has been created to ensure that quality is built into each component we manufacture. Please feel free to contact us about how the Mahler team & process can benefit you.


Quality Control:
Our ISO 9001 registered quality management system is key to the success of the Mahler Industries process. We use SPC quality control practices as well as final quality control examination on all of our products.


Our Quality Control Manager, Silas DeBoer, utilizes state of the art measuring equipment including our Mitutoyo Bright 710 CMM to ensure your product is machined to exceed your stringent specifications.


As part of our value-added services CMM reports are available upon request.

Mahler Industries adheres to its ISO 9001 quality management manual in all aspects of our business.

Industries Included

  •   Aerospace
  •   Marine
  •   Medical
  •   Forestry
  •   Mining
  •   Sonar
  •   Pulp and Paper
  •   Deep Sea Submergence


Mahler Industries operates within a 20,000 sq ft climate-controlled environment, which has been designed to offer optimal production flow, as well as superb in-process quality control, utilizing the latest in CNC technology. Great care has been taken in the layout of our facility to ensure optimal production flow, uncompromising quality, and the best possible working environment for our skilled technicians.


We have an open door policy and would welcome the opportunity to give you a guided tour of our facility.